Wagon folding animation

Time:2019-07-26 11:22:27

The size and type of wheels used by each folding wagon were considered as well. Our top pick, the Mac Sports – Heavy Duty, has oversized wheels that made movement over tough terrain significantly easier.

Next, we measured how much weight each wagon could comfortably hold. While each of the wagons had a recommended “maximum weight”, we were more interested in practical weight limits, not “technical maximums”.

Put another way, we wanted to know how much weight each wagon could reliably carry without tipping or otherwise becoming cumbersome to use. We also measured the volume inside each wagon (length x width x height).

We also tested each wagon to see how easy or difficult it was to tip over. We tested this by turning the wheels at a 90 degree angle and pulling sharply. This process was repeated with the wagons empty, with 20 pounds of cargo, and at each of their maximum weights.

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