About Runheng

Time:2019-07-29 08:55:15

Yongkang Runheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design, production and distribution of garden tools such as snow sweepers and snow shovel. We have experienced workers, technicians and engineers, all with 5-6 years of work experience, enabling us to provide you with high quality, high performance and innovative products. Choose our products and you choose a worry-free winter.

Our company is committed to the production and sales of snow blowers for many years, mainly promoting small snowplows. Our products are manufactured with professional technology, powerful, multi-purpose operation, but the operation is simple and convenient, the operator only needs to master the direction; the product is equipped with innovative high wear-resistant spiral winch scraper to ensure the snow It will not cause damage to the ground; in addition, most of our small snowplows are equipped with electric start and hand start. It is easy to ignite even in cold weather. Cold is not a problem; our snow blowers meet European safety quality standards. Equipped with safety function switch, easy to operate, high work efficiency; excellent snow throwing distance, snow throwing direction can also be set separately; most snow blowers with lighting, can be used for night or early morning operation; our snow blower There are a wide variety of types, both crawler and tire-type; the machine power is as small as 5.5 hp, up to 15 hp; the color is also yellow and orange; you can choose according to your needs, there is always one for you; our small snowplow Small body, reasonable design, suitable for training venues, living quarters, park scenic spots, campus playgrounds, city squares, airport roads , Industrial and mining plant, and so on; moreover our team from production to sales are a number of staff with years of experience, can provide high-quality products and best service for you.

Our annual output reaches 20,000-40,000 snowplows and 50,000 other machines. Our products are mainly sold to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia and other regions, and we have won good quality, competitive price and professional service. Reputation. The northern part of China is affected by the climate and geographical environment. It is snowy in winter. Many small units, schools, parking lots, communities, gardens, etc. will choose such a small snowplow as an essential tool for snow clearing and snow removal in winter. It saves a lot of manpower and material resources for the snow clearing work in winter, which has greatly improved the efficiency. Therefore, it has won the favor of many local government agencies and sub-district offices. Snowplowers have also become the backbone of winter anti-blood and de-icing. power. It is not enough to rely solely on manpower for snow cleaning in winter. More needs to be supported and coordinated by machinery. In this way, it is better to complete the snow-clearing work better and better, and to fight the blood and de-icing in winter.

If you are looking to buy a snowplow, then choose our Runheng Machinery! If you are worried about what kind of snowplow to buy, then choose our Runheng Machinery! Runheng Machinery can eliminate the troubles of your choice and the winter snow. Maybe you think that autumn has not come yet, winter is far away from us, but in order to avoid the trouble of snow, you should prepare in advance and act in advance. Worry-free winters are always enjoyed by those who are prepared. When others are still guilty of the snow in the yard, you have a clean yard with the help of the Runheng snowplow; when others are blocked by the snow, you are surrounded by The Runheng Snow Blower opens up a spacious avenue for you. Now prepare, buy the Runheng Snow Blower now, you will no longer have snow in the winter, you will not be tired of the snow all day, and will not give up the rest time for the snow. Want a more relaxing winter, then choose Runheng now!

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