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How we tested the wagons
We used each of the outdoor utility wagons in a series of everyday situations. These included walking to and from our downtown office to the car, as well as carrying cargo at the beach, along gravel and dirt roads, and up and down hills.In addition to real-world testing, we looked at several different features and metrics to compare each of the fin
Wagon folding animation
The size and type of wheels used by each folding wagon were considered as well. Our top pick, the Mac Sports – Heavy Duty, has oversized wheels that made movement over tough terrain significantly easier.Next, we measured how much weight each wagon could comfortably hold. While each of the wagons had a recommended “maximum weight”, we were more inte
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Uses for folding wagons
If you ever had (or saw) one of the red Radio Flyer wagons as a child, you understand how useful (and fun!) having a wagon can be. Folding wagons incorporate many of the benefits of a wagon like the Radio Flyer while also being lighter, more portable, and capable of reliably carrying more cargo.If you enjoy tailgating, or simply need a way to trans
Important features to consider
The first thing you’ll want to think about is what the wagon will be used for. If you frequently go to the beach, you’ll want to make sure that the wagon you choose can handle sandy (or other rough) terrain. If, on the other hand, you are using the wagon in tight hallways or other areas where there isn’t much room to maneuver, it will be useful to
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