How we tested the wagons

Time:2019-07-26 11:20:58

We used each of the outdoor utility wagons in a series of everyday situations. These included walking to and from our downtown office to the car, as well as carrying cargo at the beach, along gravel and dirt roads, and up and down hills.

In addition to real-world testing, we looked at several different features and metrics to compare each of the finalists against one another.

Folding wagons are used to carry anything from tailgating gear (some will fit your favorite cooler!), to pets, and sometimes even your little ones. This means that one of the most important aspects of any wagon is the quality of materials used and sturdy construction.

For each of the five finalists, we looked at how sturdy they were, how easily the material stretched and ripped, and whether there were any early signs of wear and tear that could indicate problems down the line.

We also looked at the general stability of each wagon, including how easy or difficult it was to expand and collapse.

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